Ascendant Industries focuses on opportunities where we can support senior management to drive rapid growth and profit improvement through capital infusion, technology innovation and organizational expertise. We invest across a number of key verticals including: maritime, logistics, industrials, defense, cyber security and professional advisory. Our holding companies often have natural compliments, creating sales and marketing opportunities among our core segments, while serving the greater market.

Led by a team of seasoned finance, operations, marketing and holding company executives, backed by extensive capital resources, we play an active role enhancing value. More than just a capital partner, we bring vast knowledge in acquisitions and financing and offer informed guidance and market intelligence. Our strong networks enable us to place powerful board members and advisors.

We bring impactful consulting resources and technology partners to quickly scale operations and build powerful teams. Our holding company structure enables us to execute and support mid to long-term growth strategies, affording the opportunity to resolve business hurdles with an eye towards maximizing value and revenue growth. Ascendant Industries is dedicated to helping exceptional entrepreneurs accelerate growth and achieve dramatic results.

Management Team

Matthew DeVoe


Daniel Donovan


Joy Schoffler



Our team has served in leadership with some of the most prestigious brands in the world. Our deep operational expertise allows us to bring extensive expertise to our holding companies.



At Ascendant we believe that the greatest impact is made when business and societal interests align.

Ascendant Industries evaluates the environmental, social, and governance practices of each company we invest in, while keeping a firm eye on financial performance.

From investing in trade and technical schools which reduce student debt and provide the skilled workforce we need to compete, to decreasing carbon emissions, through reshoring, our investments make an impact.